Product Description

High end gas flow calibration made simple

Fluke Calibration 5141, 5142 and 5144 molbox RFM gas flow calibrator kits feature molbox RFM and molbloc-L configurations optimized to cover a very wide workload combined with molstic-L and other interconnect hardware needed for a complete calibration system. Simply supply 90 psi of pure N2 or air to the system. An included regulator delivers a stable regulated flow to the molbloc. Downstream of the molbloc, an included metering valve allows you to regulate the mass flow value required for the DUT. It’s that simple; supply 90 psi gas upstream, tare the reading, and adjust the fine metering valve to deliver the desired mass flow rate with an accuracy of ± 0.5 % of reading. Fluke Calibration gas flow calibrator kits eliminate complication, but don’t compromise molbox/molbloc best in class performance.

  •  Flow ranges cover from 1 sccm to 50 slm
  • ± 0.5 % of reading total one-year accuracy
  • Measures mass and volume flow with user settable reference pressure and temperature conditions
  • Reference standard is upstream of the device under test, eliminating cross contamination and expensive damage to the flow elements
  • Integrated gas flow regulation and adjustment hardware
  • Expandable to over 5000 slm with additional molbloc flow elements and control hardware
  • Includes traceable calibration for operation in N2 and Air, with corrections for other gases
  • Gas supply and test adapters included for 1/4 in tube, 1/4 in NPT and 1/4 in BSP
  • Includes advanced functions such as totalize, average, hi/lo, deviation, on-board purge, leak test and tare, available from the front control panel or by RS-232 and IEEE-488 remote interfaces

A new standard in high end gas flow calibration

Fluke Calibration revolutionized high end gas flow calibration with the introduction of molbox/ molbloc mass flow standards. molbox/molbloc systems have replaced large, inflexible, error prone volumetric piston provers and bell provers with a compact, easy to use, versatile digital standard. molbox/molbloc systems are the standard of choice for high end calibration labs and mass flow device manufacturers around the world. Improvements offered by molbox/molbloc include:

  • True mass flow calibration and traceability— no corrections from volumetric to mass
  • Real-time digital mass flow indication, loaded with features—easily automated
  • No moving parts—uninterrupted gas flow measurement, no fluctuations from piston stroke
  • Flexibility to be positioned upstream or downstream— can calibrate at many line pressures
  • Modular components allows future upgrade and expansion
  • Very wide range with small footprint—no flow straightening hardware required

Whether your requirement is manual calibration of a simple variable area flow meter (rotameter) or fully automated calibration of a mass flow controller (MFC), molbox/molbloc systems offer the ideal solution. A molbox RFM with one or more molbloc flow elements can cover a wide range of flow calibration devices with total one-year measurement uncertainty of ± 0.5 % of reading. If your needs change, molbloc flow elements can be added, with models covering flows from 1 sccm to over 5000 slm (175 scfm). If better measurement uncertainty is needed, the same flow elements can be used with molbox1+ to achieve accuracy as good as ± 0.125 % of reading.