Product Description

N8006 Humidity and Temperature Meter with Integral Sensor

Suitable for heating and ventilating, the storage of sensitive materials such as paper and fabric, or art galleries and museums where acceptable humidity levels need to be maintained.

The N8006 has an integral temperature and humidity sensor for quick and convenient checks. Capacitive humidity sensor provides fast response for quicker readings

  • Data hold of current, maximum and minimum readings
  • IP67 rated dust and waterproof
  • Large data display for simultaneous reading of either relative humidity or calculated dewpoint temperature and ambient temperature
  • Dewpoint calculation from measured temperature and humidity values, essential for controlled environments
  • Selectable auto switch off to save battery life
  • 0 to 100% humidity range
  • -20°C to 60°C temperature range
  • Capactive humididty sensor for fast response
  • Thermistor temperature sensor for accurate readings
  • Temperature display selectable in °C, °F
  • Accuracy at 0-90% RH: ±2%
  • Two year warranty