Product Description

General Features

  1. Complete maintenance-free throughout the batteries life
  2. Service life up to 18-20 years in continuous float operation
  3. Gel form electrolyte
  4. Low gassing with antimony-free alloy and internal oxygen recombination
  5. Minimum space required and less stringent room environment requirements, e.g. minimal ventilation required
  6. Easy to move and handle
  7. Simple installation using cable connectors with insulated terminal covers
  8. Come in as standard vertical installation type or by special request, horizontal installation
  9. Very low self-discharge with <50% of rated capacity in 2 years at 20℃ ambient temperature
  10. High recharge capability of over 600 cycles when discharged at 10 hour rate to EOD 1.8Volt/cell at 20℃
  11. Deep discharge protected
  12. No internal short circuits due to the gel structure
  13. No acid stratification, hence equalizing charge is not necessary

Typical Applications

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Radio and cellular telephone relay stations
  3. Emergency lighting systems
  4. Power stations, green power (solar, wind)
  5. Large UPS and server computer
  6. Maritime standby power on ships and offshore
  7. Process and control engineering
  8. Standby power