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Portasonic® 2.FL0 Complete Package-2618949-PSO

New upgrade launched February 2021 Non-invasive for measuring the flow rates of most clean liquids in pipes with gas/solid content less than 10% of volume, built-in thickness gauge and ability to incorporate heat quantity measurements

3rd Generation Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter

Product Description


Commonly used for fire sprinkler systems, waste water, fuel monitoring, foam proportioner testing

Multiple Metrics

Measure wall thickness (includes A-scan functionality), volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, energy (heat quantity) flow rate all from one instrument

Total Flow

All measured values can be totalised giving you the total flow rate that has been measured during a particular measurement session


Unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) driven menu that emphasises intuitiveness and user-friendliness


  • Versatile: Capable of working on pipes DN15 – DN 2500, across multiple different pipes/pipe sections. Large internal database of pipe, fluid and lining materials (19+ for fluids, 23+ for pipe and lining materials)
  • Clamp-on: Clamp-on therefore no installation costs such as drilling into pipes and no downtime to the pipe network is present
  • Reliable: Measures flow velocities between 0.01 m/s – 25m/s.
  • Diagnostics: It has a built-in signal oscilloscope for sensor positioning and diagnostics to achieve maximum accuracy with the measurement while providing visibility of the potential issues with the installation for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Non-Contact: The fluid cannot damage the flowmeter, which could contribute to a longer lifespan and lower maintenance cost compared to inline flowmeters which are in contact with the fluid and risk being damaged by the pressurised flowing fluid


  • Accurate to +/- 0.5% under ideal conditions. Resolution of 0.25mm/s. Repeatability of 0.15% of measured value.
  • No risk: As there is no contact with the fluid being measured, there is no risk of pressure loss throughout your pipe network
  • Long life: IP65 main unit enclosure. Battery life up to 12 hours’ continuous use, standard 9V PP3 battery
  • Robust: Sensors temperature range -20°C to +150°C.. Sensors rated IP66

Part of the Level-Flow-Pressure Range

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