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Process Moisture Analyzer – Michell Promet I.S

Multi-Channel Moisture Measurement in Process Gases


  • Simple, cost efficient operation and low-maintenance
  • Immune to chemical attack from H2S, mercaptans and other sulphides
  • Protected against glycol or other liquid contaminants
  • Accurate direct dew-point measurement at process pressure up to 45 MPa
  • Moisture range from ambient to ppb level with exhaustive list of hygrometric units, including key parameters of natural gas
  • Two 4-20 mA configurable outputs and digital Modbus RTU based communication
  • Assured calibration integrity traceable to NPL (UK) and NIST (USA)
  • User programmable or real-time active pressure compensation for moisture content calculation
  • Multichannel with up to 4 independent measurement channels
  • Customer configurable ES70 sample systems

Product Description

Promet I.S. Process Moisture Analyzers are heavy duty, industrial hygrometer systems for measurement of high pressure, process gases and vaporized liquids on natural gas platforms and terminals, petrochemical plants and industrial gas manufacturing facilities. Promet I.S. combines Michell’s proven Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor with ES70 sample conditioning systems to provide a reliable and easy to operate, multi-channel on-line instrument for both flammable and non-flammable gases.

Single or multichannel configurations are available. Up to four Promet I.S. or Liquidew I.S. moisture in liquid analyzers may be combined via the multi-channel control unit.