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Process Trace Oxygen Analyzer – AII GPR-1800 IS/1800 AIS

Low Maintenance Solution In Demanding Oxygen Measurements


  • ATEX rated for hazardous areas
  • Four measurement ranges from 0to 10ppm up to 0 to 1% O2
  • LDL of 50 ppb
  • Measures in CO2 with XLT sensor
  • Sensor life of up to 24 months
  • Simple, intuitive HMI
  • Barometric pressure and temperature compensation
  • Two user configurable alarms
  • Optional Modbus
  • Range of sampling options available

Product Description

The GPR-1800 series of intrinsically safe trace oxygen analyzers are designed for use in demanding process environments where the low detection limit of the AII’s industrial oxygen sensors can be well utilized. As is typical for Analytical Industries gas analyzers, they are simple to use as well as easy and cost-effective to maintain thanks to the use of their maintenance-free galvanic oxygen sensors. The innovative liquid drain manifold, which is available as an option, protects and extends the sensor’s life span in processes where entrained liquids may be present in the sample gas. There is a modular sample system available to suit most applications.